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The availability of services of High Performance Computing (HPC) significantly affects the competitiveness of businesses. For example, running strength simulations of machine elements, taking into account a number of variable factors and parameters, requires enormous computing power and expensive software. While large companies usually have their own competences and calculation resources, for SMEs conducting calculations / simulations is a challenge in terms of both technology and finance. As a result, SMEs refrain from conducting digital simulation, wasting time, resources and competitive advantage.Our goal is to increase the availability of cloud computing tools, ie. in the form of dedicated applications, optimizing time and costs of calculations carried out remotely. In order to optimally fomr the new HPC tools and sharing models, we invite Polish small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to disseminate their experiences and expectations in this area. Project title: Feasibility for cloud based simulation services hub to accelerate the servitization processes in smart factories
Project period: 01.04.2016 – 30.09.2016. Contract number: 680712.