HPC4Poland DIH provides access to comprehensive HPCC simulations services and IoT. We apply a number of computational methods, including the finite elements method (FEM), computational fluid dynamic (CFD) and Fluid-Structure Interaction. Our service includes all or selected from the following modules:
-mesh modelling,
-setting-up the dedicated HPC environment and access interface,
-optimizing the computational algorithms (in it big data),
-access to ISV software Ansys, FlexSim, Altair Hyperworks,
-area-specific engineering support in defining parameters for computation and interpreting results,
-visualising results.

In addition to the core HPC services, our trusted Partners provide support in the following areas:

-IoT services (connected devices, sensors and actuators networks), such as digitization of production lines, processing and visualization of IoT data, enabling federations of IoT platforms, bartering and trading of IoT data,
-interaction technologies (e.g. human machine interaction, motion recognition and language technologies),
-artificial intelligence and cognitive systems,
-augmented and virtual reality, visualization,
-broadband and other communication networks (e.g. 5G).

Moreover, we provide a set of business development services:

-training and mentoring services in the area of digital technologies and Industry 4.0 transformation,
-innovation scouting,
-strategy development,
-access to specialist expertise and infrastructure,
-access to funding.

We select area-specific experts and partners accordingly with the technical scope of service and its demanded timeframes. HPC4Poland services are based solely on the computing capacities and expertice of the HPC4Poland DIH PARTNERS.