01 Untangling information web

Being able to find pieces of information for a given search term is not sufficient anymore. We can find the information we are looking for but where did it originate, how did it disseminate and evolve over time to become what we read, hear or watch? How did the subsequent links in the information propagation chain affect the processes whose results we observe? These are the questions that need to be answered for us to get a better understanding of it all. And answering them is our objective.

02 Scalability and efficiency

Information tracking requires processing a massive amount of information of various types and origins. In order to perform analysis on a scale that matches the requirements today and tomorrow, we leverage automatic speech recognition and image processing . Rooted in deep learning, these two techniques, in combination with automatic content acquisition, allow us to analyze audio, images and video as efficiently as traditional press or social media content.

03 New avenue for information analysis

Automatic speech and image processing opens a new avenue in media monitoring and information tracking. Press Service clients can exploit tools for establishing and analyzing connection between base information and its derivatives and perform various analyses that may have not been envisioned during system design stage . Other companies, perhaps too small to employ PR experts and engage in direct content marketing, can interact with media and evaluate the results. Speed, efficiency and precisions provided by our solution can help them to achieve their business goals.
Concept & Development