01 Challenges

Volkswagen AG, a global manufacturer of cars and components, started producing a new model of Volkswagen Crafter in 2016 at its new plant in Września. The plant consists of the car body production department, paint shop, assembly department and supplier park. VW started cooperation with PSNC to explore the possibility of supporting employees on the assembly line VW Crafter VW Crafter during the assembly of masking elements on the chassis of the car, before starting the process of applying protective layers.

02 Results

In close cooperation with VW and in accordance with the design thinking methodology, a number of alternative approaches were identified and a prototype proof-of-concept (TRL3/4), including key system components, was built and demonstrated in a real environment. The demonstration of the system concept at the plant for the senior management of the VW Group's factories and paint shop representatives from other production sites was positively received. In the next stage the company started to implement the concept.

03 Benefits

The demonstration confirmed feasibility of technical implementation of the proposed solution in the factory. The participants of the demonstration expressed their willingness to have such a system in their plants and also recognised the potential added value of adopting the proposed approach for other parts of the production line as well. The proposed solution does not require any intervention of the employees of the assembly station. The concept was the starting point for ordering the proposed solution from the supplier.
Concept & Development