Benchmark Tour


Benchmark Tour is a unique opportunity to learn about implemented methods, tools, solutions, and contact with experienced practitioners. The proposed service includes the organization of a full-day workshop in a company that has implemented innovative technologies in order to improve processes.
The indicated service includes:
company presentation
presentation of processes with elements of improvement
process-related tasks
The service is an opportunity to gain new knowledge about solutions, technologies and its applications, as well as an opportunity to establish development business relationships.

Choose your option. As a result of providing the service, the client receives a summary of the meeting, a plan of the next activities – a professionally prepared feedback to the company, prepared on a standardized information sheet. Systematization and standardization of expectations, opportunities and challenges, identification and review of expectations, opportunities and challenges.
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Lite 8000 PLN For one unit
Plan includes
Organization of study visits to production and service companies implementing digital transformation.