Implementation of a robotic device

Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

The implementation of the service is preceded by a meeting with an interested business partner, during which information is obtained on the type of solution selected by the user and on the relevant conditions of the problem. In the next step, spatial modeling in the simulation environment will begin, taking into account both the already existing elements and those planned for implementation. The modeling will include a visual layer, but will focus primarily on technological aspects, in order to simulate and then measure operational parameters (including performance) as reliably as possible, paying attention at each stage to possible optimizations (relating to operational aspects, ergonomics, reliability and serviceability, as well as
cost). The results of the work will be presented in a report and in the form of a computer model (the so-called digital twin). Regular contact with the customer is expected at each stage of the service (approximately once a week) to allow adjustments to better fit expectations.
to better match expectations.

Approximate duration of the service: 60 days.

Choose your option. As a result of providing the service, the client receives a summary of the meeting, a plan of the next activities – a professionally prepared feedback to the company, prepared on a standardized information sheet. Systematization and standardization of expectations, opportunities and challenges, identification and review of expectations, opportunities and challenges.
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Lite 28000 PLN For one unit
Plan includes
Simulated implementation of a robotic device or vehicle in custom environment