Transformation towards the omnichannel sales model

University of Zielona Góra

The service is dedicated to companies that run or plan to run e-commerce activities. It consists in analyzing the user's needs, their existing and planned sales channels, in order to implement solutions (transformation) of omnichannel trade. The service will include identification of customer needs and analysis of current bottlenecks. On this basis, a model of transformation will be proposed, including human, IT and organizational resources as well as the structure of the company. In particular, the service will include the integration of existing or planned IT systems, in particular in the field of logistics and sales channels. The service will also include the development of an implementation plan for omnichannel solutions, in particular IT tools supporting omnichannel commerce. In the case of complex systems, the service will cover the client's key sales processes.
The service delivery time is usually from 4-10 weeks.

Choose your option. As a result of providing the service, the client receives a summary of the meeting, a plan of the next activities – a professionally prepared feedback to the company, prepared on a standardized information sheet. Systematization and standardization of expectations, opportunities and challenges, identification and review of expectations, opportunities and challenges.
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Lite 34000 PLN For one unit
Plan includes
The aim of the service is to analyze the company\'s needs in the field of e-commerce activities and to develop a transformation for the omnichannel model. It includes a proposal for the integration of IT systems in the field of logistics and sales.