Elaboration of assumptions and construction of an energy storage for cooperating with RES.

Łukasiewicz - Institute of Non Ferrous Metals

The implementation of the service is from 8 to 24 weeks, depending on the technology of electrochemical cells in which the energy storage is made. Time of service delivery strictly depends on the date of delivery of the cells.

Energy storage can be an element of the installation, conducive to better use of electricity produced from RES, which largely depends on the prevailing weather conditions. The proposed energy storage facilities are intended mainly for individual households and small businesses. In favorable weather conditions, a large amount of electricity is generated in the RES installation, which the warehouse can collect, store and return when the demand is greater or when unfavorable weather conditions occur.

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Lite 30000 PLN For one unit
Plan includes
The design and construction of an energy storage cooperating with renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic panels or windmills for the defined customer needs.