3D process simulation modeling service using VR for up to 150 objects

Poznan University of Technology

The 3D simulation modeling service is the use of the FlexSim simulation program and the use of VR - 3D glasses. Performing system analysis, modeling the AS-IS and TO-BE systems with full 3D visualization is the use of VR (Virtual Reality) glasses. Selection of 3D shapes of machines and devices. Delivery time 6 weeks
Value for the customer is: Increase in productivity, Improvement of plan implementation indicators, Increase in business profitability, Optimization of inventory levels and work in progress, Optimization of employment / work efficiency of personnel, Improvement of OEE of the line, Balancing
Technical resources of the partner - Laboratory for Simulation and Optimization of Logistics and Production Processes - 3 graphic stations equipped with commercial licenses of the 3D FlexSim simulation software.
Competences of service providers - knowledge of discrete events system simulation modeling - DES (discrete events system), creating 3D simulation models, agent-based simulation, optimization methods - knowledge of FlexSim GP software.

Choose your option. As a result of providing the service, the client receives a summary of the meeting, a plan of the next activities – a professionally prepared feedback to the company, prepared on a standardized information sheet. Systematization and standardization of expectations, opportunities and challenges, identification and review of expectations, opportunities and challenges.
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Lite 58750 PLN For one unit
Plan includes
3D simulation modeling service with the use of Virtual Reality. System analysis, AS-IS and TO-BE system modeling with full 3D visualization using VR glasses up to 150 objects.