R&D: development of an initial concept for the design of machinery, equipment and vehicles in SMEs


Each project is subjected to individual cost and time estimation of the task, and the scope to be achieved by the service is agreed upon. 
The service is carried out by specialists in the field of mechanics who have many years of experience in designing structures of machines, devices and vehicles.
We carry out our projects in an engineering environment dedicated to a given issue.
The scope is agreed with the customer at the bid preparation stage.
Turnaround time ranges from several weeks to 3 months.
The service is provided by a professional team of mechanical engineering experts on licensed software: SolidWorks, LSDyna, HyperWorks and other necessary for the implementation of the assigned task.

Choose your option. As a result of providing the service, the client receives a summary of the meeting, a plan of the next activities – a professionally prepared feedback to the company, prepared on a standardized information sheet. Systematization and standardization of expectations, opportunities and challenges, identification and review of expectations, opportunities and challenges.
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Lite 60000 PLN For one unit
Plan includes
Consultancy service for design projects with a special focus on R&D projects in the area of development of initial concepts for the design of machinery, equipment and vehicles carried out in SMEs.