· MIDIH – Manufacturing Industry Digital Innovation Hubs – we develop a pan-European platform for DIH cooperation for the manufacturing industry and selected technology tools.

· Smart Factories – integration of communities, exchange of experiences and development of IHLs in Central and Eastern Europe – elaboration/access to more than 20 analyses of production markets in our region.

· AI DIH Network project - cooperation of 28 leading AI AI-profile DIHs in Europe to develop advisory and analytical tools that support cooperation of AI-specialized entities I4MS-GO (project coordination) - https://i4ms. eu/ - Innovation for Manufacturing SMEs - we support small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in their business activities.

· DIHNET - we support pan-European cooperation of DIH digital innovation centres.

· EOSC Hub – creation of DIH-type services, i. e. implemented jointly by many partners on the basis of European Open Science Infrastructures

· Smart Agri Hubs – development of an innovation hub to support food production and agriculture

· Shop4CF – in a consortium with large companies (VW, Bosch. . . ) and foreign DIHs, we build Industry 4. 0 tools using 3D mapping, VR, AI, cloud computing, IoT and collaborative robots.

· DIH4CPS – development of cyber-physical systems for industrial applications in cooperation with other European DIHs, cooperation in the form of IoT living laboratories

· I4MSOUTH - Innovation for Manufacturing in the South - focuses on manufacturing industry - Industry 4. 0, Industrial Internet. I4MSouth is a strategy implemented in 4 steps:

1. Technical introduction of results and benefits for integrators (SMEs from the ICT sector) and end customers,

2. Evaluation of promotion among supporting agencies (clusters, technology centres and incubators).

3. Identify funding opportunities for technology deployment (regional, national and international).

4. Consolidation of IHL, services and self-financing.

· DIH BU industry 4. 0 - in the catalog of services provided by DIHBU Industry 4. 0 are: AI, GPS location systems, sensors, robotics, cloud computing, cybersecurity, incremental production, Big Data, IoT, Internet and human-machine technologies.

Doradztwo strategiczne

· We support the Government of Spain in the development of Industria Conectada 4. 0. We support the Galician government in defining the Galician Network of DIH.

· We participate in discussion panels, workshops, working groups at national and EU level

· DIH WORKING GROUP (European Commission) WG1: Digital Hubs of Innovation, Investment and Skills

· We conduct training on DIH in Poland and abroad

· Our studies in the field of DIH:

1. “Analysis of the Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in selected European Union countries” 2017, commissioned by the MPiT

2. „Action Plan for setting up a Polish DIHs Ecosystem. WORKSHOP FOLLOW-UP REPORT” 2018, commissioned by MPiT

3. ``Preparatory work on the Engineering Platform promoting Industry 4. 0 solutions``, ``Incubator of Prototyping Tools of the Industry of the Future`` for the Ministry of Development

4. ``Development of the concept of a model of categorization and parameterization of DIH network elements and study of its feasibility. `` For MPiT